Mesotherapy Serum

Mesotherapy Serum

NCTF135HA Mesotherapy Serum 

Benefits of Mesotherapy Serum NCTF135HA Fillmed 

Mesotherapy Serum from Fillmed is a unique formula of 59 active ingredients. Created by a French Doctor in 1978 remains unchallenged by recent competitors in positive pro-aging and improving skin health.

The poly-revitalising solution provides your epidermis with essential ingredients to regenerate and improve cell membrane strength.

The NCTF135HA Mesotherapy serums creates an optimal environment for the creation of fibroblast activity to produce of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Meaning New Cellular Treatment Factor [NCTF] the lightweight active molecules stimulate cell communication within your skin layer without creating the 'Filler' look. (No facial features or expressions will be frozen or filled)

Instead, the serum floods the skin cells and rests between the cells to encourage the absorption of the nutrients, peptides, and growth factors. The strength of your skin cells becomes enhanced instantly, this results in visibly hydrated, clear, smooth, and toned skin.

Skin Treatments with NCTF135 HA Serum

The 360° holistic skin rejuvenation approach to my skin health expert advice and clinic treatments have been developed around the use of this specialised mesotherapy serum.

The mesotherapy serum has been created for aesthetics medical practitioners hence has as a CE Mark to confirm its efficacy in micro-skin needling and mesotherapy skin treatments. 

Skin Rejuvenation is the term created to describe the action of natural aesthetics skin treatments by using a mesotherapy serum [NCTF 135HA] to prevent, slow, and correct the effects of ageing skin.

Its essential to note that not all serums are the same nor are they as active when placed into the epidermis like NCTF135HA serum. 

When you are micro-needling at home and using your active ingredient serums they are losing their efficacy as they have been created to be placed on your skin not in your epidermis. Yes you will benefit from the trauma caused by the actual needling but the products you are using are not adding value. 

This mesotherapy serum by Fillmed NCTF135HA is the only serum that will add value to your micro-needling. Find out more about the Skin Meso Home Kit  and Skin Health Club to enhance your home micro-needling treatments.