Preserve & Protect

Maintain skin health in a natural way by enhancing what you already have rather than looking for something you never had

Watch Jen apply the creams, masks and SPF50+ to complete the skin care routine

Skin Health Routine | Step 3: MAINTAIN

Preserve and protect skin health

Once you have cleansed your skin and supported the pH Balance to protect the skin acid mantel. You feed it with nutrients, vitamins and encourage the protection of collagen and elastin, now it is time to preserve all of this.

SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] skin care has made this part of your home skin care routine easy. The reality supported by their science is your cream is not designed to moisturise its there to preserve what you have and protect. 

The molecules and ingredients commonly found in creams + masks are too big and bulky to influence your skin cell health. They can not be carried through the lipid channels in the cell membrane. They sit on the outside of the skin cell and therefore will not be metabolised within the cell and can not influence any cell regeneration. 

They can, however, sit on the skin cell membrane and preserve what is inside the cell. They can protect the skin cells from oxidative damage from external toxins. They can leave your skin feeling plump, smooth and hydrated. 

With this in mind, it is quite simple to choose the right cream and mask. Other brands can make this quite complicated because they want you to believe you can solve skin concerns with creams and masks.

Remember all the heavy lifting for addressing skin concerns should be done with [TARGET] boosters and serums. When it comes to cream and mask do you want some extra support with oily skin or stressed skin.