Prepare Skin To Treat

Clean | Cleanse | Exfoliate

The most essential part of your daily skin health routine.

Skin Health Expert takes removing make-up, impurities, and dead skin cells very seriously. It is essential to prepare your skin for the 'treatment' and targeting your skin concerns. 

Preparing your skin is about balancing the pH level on your skin and nurturing your skin cells to ensure they are communicating with each other and not having to deal with any inflammation or toxic issues each day. 

The SKIN PERFUSION [Fillmed] preparation products include cleansing oil, micellar water, pH balance, exfoliating creams, and mask. These all work independently but also as a team to give each skin cell strength.  

Before you consider investing time and money on treating and targeting your skin concerns it is essential you prepare your skin to ensure you maximize the activity of the active ingredient once applied to your skin.