Skin Health Score

What is your Skin Health Score?

Learn how to improve your ageing skin after 40 naturally. To complete my online skin health quiz and answer a few simple health and lifestyle questions?

Our current lifestyle and diet choices, anxiety and stress levels, our weight, the medication we take, and our sleep patterns all have an effect on our skin health age.


Learn more about your Skin Health Score

These can be rated by using my online skin health quiz to give you an understanding of the ageing effects on your skin health rather than your skin type.

The good news is that if you know what impact your current skin care routine and lifestyle have on your skin health, you can implement my simple steps and learn about the most essential ingredients of any skin care routine – for younger natural looking skin

Online Skin Health Quiz

The results of my Online Skin Health Quiz can help you find a healthy, balanced approach to your skin care, but more importantly, make you understand how your lifestyle choices, emotions, hormones and habits affect both your skin health and the way your skin absorbs your products.

What are the benefits of rating your skin health?

  • Understand the effects of your current skin care and lifestyle on your skin health
  • Know where to start to improve your ageing skin
  • Find out how improve your current skin care routine for your skin not skin type
  • Understand the effects of your lifestyle and habits have on your long-term skin health.

If you’re ready to improve your skin care routine and learn how to look and feel younger in your own skin naturally then take the skin health quiz - now

How does skin health quiz work?

Answer a few simple questions about your current skin care routine and lifestyle – take the quiz >>

Your skin health score will be revealed instantly, then if you want to improve your score then can book in for skin health check - completely free

For example, if the skin health score shows less then 6 then we could look at your home skin care routine, improve nutrients with intensive boosters and skin rejuvenations treatments, if over 6 out ten, then you can review of your current products and discuss enhancing your skin rejuvenation treatments at home or in-clinic for long-term skin health firming and lifting..

What are the alternatives?

Before you spend another penny on any new fancy products that have pretty bottles or are promoted by an influencer on Instagram that you like that claim to make you look younger – get some skin health expert advice and learn the basics to help you make your own decisions and not choose a cream for normal skin!

The Skin Health Quiz is completely free, and will give you the same information that my private clients get. 

They learn about how to improve their ageing skin health and feel happier in their skin – and so can you!

What is the consequence of doing nothing?

  • Keep using the same creams and get the same result
  • Waste money on fad new serums or masks
  • Spend time and money have facials that add no value
  • Take collagen supplements and gain no health benefits
  • Look in the mirror and dislike what you look like
  • Take the same advice about skin care and maintain your ageing skin – rather than enhancing it!